I began feeding a natural diet in the  mid 70's. The improvement in our dogs health, appearance and vitality was amazing. We try to replicate what nature intended our dogs to eat, a species specific diet. Many of the health problems seen in our dogs today are the result of feeding poor quality foods. Our dogs are omnivorous, (feeding on both animal and vegetable matter). They need raw meat in their diet to help keep their immune system healthy. Kibble will not provide all of the natural raw enzymes, amino acids and nutrients to help build a strong immune system. Cooked  food is pretty much dead food which draws life giving enzymes from your dogs own resources to digest and utilize their food. Over time your dog will have a more difficult time digesting food from the lack of these natural enzymes and cells can become diseased. Natural raw enzymes help keep the cells healthy. You will see the  difference in the vitality and health of your pet, when feeding a natural  species specific diet. If you are not comfortable making your own raw diet formula then my suggestion would be to purchase a prepared raw diet or a prepared raw dehydrated diet. The best raw dehydrated diet in my opinion are the products manufactured by The Honest Kitchen. You can go to their website for more information.    Don't take a chance, make sure the food you are feeding has been tested with strict quality control.   With that said, kibble is full of carbs/sugar which feed cancer and other diseases. Even when it says grain free it is still full of carbs. Those carbs are needed as a glue if you will to hold the kibble together when it is dried and extruded. More information click on the links below.

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Regardless of the food you decide to feed your dog, they need to have the health protection of additional  nutrients, especially antioxidants as they live in a toxic world just like we do. In fact they need it more so as their life span is shorter then ours. See the recommendations below and for more information go to  our health page. 


Do  you know what  Genetically Modified Organisms are? GMOs are toxic chemical pesticides in our  food and the food of pets and livestock. GMO's affect the digestive system and  destroys the immune system which approximately 80% is in the stomach. GMO  pesticides also break the blood brain barrier.  Also please watch this video for shocking information about the negative health affects of GMOs Dr Zach Bush MD and many other doctors and scientists will help you understand the negative heath affects of  eating or feeding GMO food.   Please take some time and  become informed. You owe it to your health and the health of your pets.     

Books I recommend: 

The Ultimate Diet by Kymythy Schultze 

The Nature of Animal Healing by Dr  Martin Goldstein DVM 

Natural Health for Dogs & Cats by  Richard H. Pitcairn DVM, PhD 

K9 Kitchen by Monica Segal  AHCW